Women’s Network Upcoming Events

During November, Women’s Network is offering two programs–a Rosh Chodesh learning program on Nov. 12, and a book group meeting on Nov. 29. This year’s Rosh Chodesh learning events will relate to Women’s League’s Torah fund theme of “KolYisroel Arevim ZehBa’Zeh,”meaning “All the people of Israel are responsible for one another.”Coordinators Maxine Perlmutter and Fortuna Scheige will cover topics that focus on the responsibility we each have to care for one another. Since improved self-care is important for our wellness as a community, the event speakers will include activities and potential lifestyle changes to achieve better health, whether its physical, emotional or spiritual, thereby nurturing our bodies and elevating our souls. The Nov.12 event will feature Seth Cowan (son-in-law of congregant Elliot Cowan),  who is a licensed dietician/nutritionist with a master of science degree from Tufts University. He has extensive experience in nutritional counseling and plans to share ideas for dietary self-care, including making healthy food choices and behavioral improvements about eating. He also will present a food demonstration to share alternative meal preparation options that will be tasty and delicious. The second November event, on the 29th, will be a virtual book group discussion led by Wendy Bauman. The book is titled If All the Seas Were Ink by Ilana Kurshan. This book is a memoir about a young, pregnant, recently divorced American-Israeli living in Jerusalem. The character’s personal struggles inspire her to make life changes and to practice daf yomi, reading a page from the Talmud every day for seven years.

Before we say goodbye to 2023, Women’s Network will sponsor a Chanukkah kiddush lunch following Shabbat services on Dec. 9. This is a special occasion to celebrate one of our most joyous holidays as a congregation.

If you have not already joined Women’s Network or renewed your membership, now is the time to act. Registration forms and payment instructions are included on the weekly Women’s Network newsletter e-mails. For those who don’t receive these and would like this information, do not hesitate to contact me at bbrooksx@gmail.com