High Holiday Side Trips 5784

Side Trips are related to the themes of the holiday and may be a discussion, lesson, songs, or meditation. They offer an alternate way to experience the holiday other than traditional services.
They began as a way for teens and adults to take breaks from the full intense day of davening during Yom Kippur, and have since expanded to include sessions on Rosh Hashanah as well.

Side Trips run parallel to the main service and areabout 50 minutes long for each session. You’re welcome to drop in and out, or to attend them all!

Rosh Hashana

Day One

11:30 am Rachel Laveer The year is round, but everchanging; Jewish views on time and seasons

Day Two

11:30 am Rachel Laveer Songs of the Season

Yom Kippur

Erev Yom Kippur

7:40 pm Debby Berlyne Unetaneh Tokef: Must We Take It Literally?

Yom Kippur Day

11:00 am Danny Bachman Redundant sacrifices: Why does the Bible give us different ways to atone for our sins?
12:00 pm Shaina Lipsy Why do we fast? And are there alternatives?
1:00 pm Aaron Chusid Alternative Prayer: Neurodivergence in Judaism
2:00 pm Paul Kutner The Martyrology: They Tried to Kill Us, They Didn’t Succeed, Let’s Fast!
3:00 pm Cliff Fishman Silence in Judaism
4:00 pm Rob Podolsky Love, sacrifice and the final exam: will you pass?