March for Israel: Nov. 14

Over the course of this past month, we have all felt the pain and suffering brought on by the brutal slaughter committed by Hamas in the south of Israel on October 7 and the subsequent war that it set-off. We have also felt the sting of indifference to our pain by parts of the American community and the shock of the rapid rise of antisemitism.

Through it all, the one thing that has sustained me, as it has for many of you, is being together as a community.

Whether its our own Tikvat Israel community or in partnership with other congregations and Jewish institutions, there is comfort in being with others who share our pain, our resiliency, and our determination. Despite the differences that usually divide us, we are united in standing with Israel, in supporting efforts to bring back the hostages, and in our commitment to fight antisemitism.

A week from today (Tuesday, November 14), there is an opportunity to be together on the National Mall in community with Jews and other supporters of Israel from around the country for a March for Israel. This is going to be massive – I’ve already heard that some cities, like Detroit, are chartering planes; others are coming by bus or by train. The aim is to answer the call from Natan Sharansky (former head of the Jewish Agency and Soviet Refusenik) to respond as vigorously as we did for the March for Soviet Jewry in 1987.

I hope you will make attending a top priority. The event is being run by the Jewish Federation of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and has been endorsed by all the major movements. There will be very tight security.

We are working on arrangements to have a bus (together with Share Tefila and Kehilat Pardes) leave from the Tikvat Israel parking lot and/or traveling together via Metro from the Rockville Station.

Please fill out the form below to register and take part in this historic event.

With prayers for the quick return of the hostages, the safety of all civilians, and protection for the IDF troops,

– Rabbi Marc D. Israel