Am Yisrael Chai

On May 19, Rabbi Israel gave a presentation to the Congregation about his recent sabbatical to Israel. Click here to watch the entire presentation. 

On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel massacring 1300 people and taking more than 240 people as hostages. The subsequent war that Hamas’ attack set off has caused the death of dozens of IDF soldiers, the loss of lives for thousands of Palestinian civilians, and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians. It has also set off a wave of antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks around the country and around the world. Many of us feel the weight of worry for our friends and family in Israel, our concern for our own safety, and our attempts to balance our values of protecting human rights and Israel’s need to protect its citizens.

This page is designed to provide resources for you – prayers, communal events, educational opportunities, fundraising campaigns, and tzedakah projects – related to the current war.

Rabbi Israel reports from his Sabbatical

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Rabbi Israel Reports from the Rabbinic Mission to Israel with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington: