Women’s Network

Tikvat Israel’s Women’s Network, also known as Sisterhood, is a vibrant and dynamic organization,
serving the synagogue in a myriad of ways. As a chapter of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, Women’s Network is dedicated to strengthening and uniting synagogue women’s groups and their members; supporting them in mutual efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue and
community; and reinforcing bonds with Israel and with Jews worldwide.

Women’s Network provides activities and creative projects year-round to meet member interests and
celebrate holidays. The group hosts a special membership event at the beginning of each year, bi-monthly Rosh Chodesh Study Groups, and bi-monthly book group discussions.

Other programs during the year have included virtual travel programs, artistic projects led by talented
members in the synagogue, cooking demonstrations, holiday celebrations, and an annual outing to a local
baseball game. The Women’s Network fundraising event has included selling Mishloach Manot boxes to
congregants of the synagogue and the Early Childhood Center. The annual Women’s Network Shabbat is
always a special event for the entire congregation.

Tikvat Israel’s Women’s Network has received numerous awards and recognitions from Women’s League.
The Torah Fund Award is received each year for reaching the annual fundraising goal. In 2023 the WLCJ
honored Tikvat Israel Women’s Network with the Jewels of the Crown award for the many outstanding
programs planned in the past 3 years.

Tikvat Israel’s Women’s Network warmly welcomes new members – both members of the synagogue as
well as Jewish women from the greater community. All women in the congregation are invited to a
meeting at the beginning of each fiscal year to discuss and plan programs for the upcoming year.
For more information about the Women’s Network/Sisterhood or membership, contact Susan Apter or
Brenda Brooks, Women’s Network co-presidents.