Parasha Partners

Connecting Our Community One Generation to the Next

Parasha Partners is the name we have given our new initiative to connect members of the Tikvat Israel community through their common Bar/Bat Mitzvah portion. We hope to identify and connect, across generations, those who celebrated the same Torah parasha, whether this year, the recent past, or the not-so-recent past. Our goal is encourage all congregants age 13 and older to interact on the anniversary of their B’nai Mitzvah.

In the months to come, we hope to develop a variety of meaningful opportunities for each group of Parasha Partners celebrants to bond and experience community and Torah together. Among the possible opportunities are:

  • Participate in a group aliya during the Shabbat morning Torah service
  • Assemble during Kiddush to discuss the Torah reading and/or socialize and connect
  • Read from the Torah
  • Read some or all of the Haftarah for the parasha

As we develop the program and connections among the Parasha groups, additional opportunities may be added.

To get started, we want to collect all congregants’ B’nai Mitzvah dates and parshiot.

We encourage all of those 13 and over to e-mail  and give:

  • Your name
  • The date you turned 13 years old
  • The date (English or Hebrew) of your Bat/Bat Mitzvah ceremony
  • The Parasha of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah (if you know/remember it)

Don’t know or remember all of this information or never had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah? No problem! We can help research and figure it out, or figure out the parasha closest to your 13th birthday, or a meaningful one for you – just send the info you have.

As we accumulate the respective parshiot for congregants, we can begin to unite those who share this connection.

The true strength of synagogue life is found in the experience of community that spans the generations. Our mission of “kehilla kedosha,” a holy congregation, is to foster and strengthen the lines of connection that bind us all. Parasha Partners is an important initiative to further that mission. We look forward to your participation and hope that you will encourage your family members and friends to join in this effort.

Please email us your personal “Bar/Bat Mitzvah data.” Also, please reach out and contact us if you have ideas or energy to contribute to the future growth of this program.

Contact: Elyse and Jeff Bernstein