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If your objective is to stay fully informed about all things Tikvat Israel, you’ll want to take advantage of the various information sources that staff and volunteers produce for members of the congregation.

In addition to the bimonthly Tikvat Israel Bulletin, which remains the most comprehensive source of news and human interest stories about congregants and synagogue life overall, you’ll want to consider:

  • Reading the weekly electronic newsletter B’kesher, produced by synagogue office staff members. B’kesher keeps you posted about religious service schedules, new programs and scheduling changes.
  • Connecting with us on Facebook.
  • Subscribing to one or both of the synagogue online forums, TI News and TI News & Shmooze.
  • Reviewing the Shabbat sheet for brief reminders about upcoming activities along with contact names and phone numbers.

Sign Up for B’kesher

We use Constant Contact to keep our members and friends up to date on happenings in our community. Sign up to get the latest news!

Join Our Online Forums

There are two options available: Tikvat Israel News Only and Tikvat Israel News & Shmooze. You can sign up for either or both. Use the subscribe button below for the Tikvat Israel list(s) you want to join. (Each subscribe button is specific to the list with which it is associated.) You can unsubscribe from either list or both at any time.

Tikvat Israel News Only

  • This is a moderated list for members of Tikvat Israel Congregation. Its purpose is the timely dissemination of news and announcements of interest to the TI community. All messages will be read and/or edited before being forwarded to the list.
  • This is an announcement-only list. That means that only the owners of the list can post to it; members of the list can read the posts, but cannot post to the list directly.
  • Virtually all of the postings on this list are selected from the News & Shmooze list (see below), and are forwarded to the News Only list, so if you want a post to go to this list, you can post directly to News & Shmooze and your post will be forwarded to the News Only list, if it is of general interest (you have to join the News & Shmooze list separately to post there).

Tikvat Israel News & Shmooze

  • This list is for news and discussion among Tikvat Israel members. It is unmoderated. Everything you send goes directly to everyone on the list without being read or edited. Please use this list for the spiritual, religious and social enrichment of our community, and exercise generous Derech Eretz.
  • In contrast to the News Only list, this list is a free-for-all! Any member can post to the list. There is no formal moderation — all posts will be sent to everyone on the list.
  • If any member of the list abuses the list with flaming, bad language or otherwise unacceptable Web behavior, that member may be blacklisted (the individual would be prevented from making further posts, either temporarily or permanently,  but could still receive e-mails from the list).

Read Shabbat sheets/event flyers

Pick up a Shabbat sheet, event flyer or other information on the table outside the sanctuary when you visit the synagogue.