Women’s Network Rosh Chodesh: Sunday, March 5

White crescent moon on a black background rippling as if reflected in water with the words "Women's Network Rosh Chodesh 5783"

“How do our ‘insides’ match our ‘outsides’ – and does it matter?”

Sunday, March 5
10:30 am in the TI Library

We have been conditioned to think of Purim as a fun, even zany, holiday. We don masks and costumes and have a good time. How often do we stop to think about what that good time is based on? What are we hiding under our masks? What are we revealing with our costumes? Strangely enough, the holiday of Purim might be one of our most potent tools as we work towards spiritually and “getting our house in order.”

UPDATE: This event will be in-person only. Please join us in the Library at 10:30 am.

Rabbah Arlene Berger, MSW, MBA, has served as a chaplain, congregational leader, Jewish educator and community rabbi. Prior to becoming a rabbi she spent many years as a social worker and gerontologist. Her passions as a rabbi include taking deep dives into Torah and its connection to our daily lives and interpreting traditional and writing new liturgy – particularly for lifecycle events. Rabbah Arlene is the rabbi of Hevrat Shalom Congregation in Rockville.